Wednesday, 5 October 2011

verbs note?

greetings peeps!

hullo there.

i'm not quite a newbies in this blogging world.
and i'm not a pro too.
 i signed-up because i was forced  told by my lecturer to do it.
(if u read this madam Haslina, u r the most awesome lecturer here.tehehee)
i'm not the only who being told to but the entire class too.
it's for the P&P sake (pengajaran dan pembelajaran).
owh,by the way,
i'm in the teacher training college.
insyaallah i'm gonna be a teacher someday. 
and i'm majoring in TESL.
hopefully,thru this blogging world,
i could share and gain lots of beneficial things with the rest of the world.

till i write again<3